GPN Colloquium Series

2016 - 2017 Schedule

Time: 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Location: 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall

Colloquia time and location remain the same unless otherwise noted below.

Spring Semester 2017


Speaker and Topic

Jan. 11 Dr. Amy Yang - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Synaptic transmission and plasticity in the developing brain and neurological disorders"
Jan. 18 Dr. Rocio Gomez-Pastor - Duke University
"Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1: A neuroprotective role in protein misfolding and Huntington´s Disease"
Jan. 25 Dr. Paramita Chakrabarty - University of Florida
"Towards defining immunoproteostasis in neurodegenerative diseases"
Feb. 1 Dr. Eva Aimable-Naumann - Harvard Biological Laboratories
“Neural circuits at the brain scale: The zebrafish optomotor response”
Feb. 8 MN State Brain Bee
Feb. 15 No Colloquium
Feb. 22 Brendan Hasz

Nora McCall
Mar. 1 Dr. Martina Bazzaro - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Role of UNC-45A during growth cone extension".
Mar. 8 Martha Streng

Kellie Gross
Mar. 15 No Colloquium - Spring Break
Mar. 22 Dr. Francis Shen - GPN Faculty Candidate
“The Neuroscientific Analysis of Law”
Mar. 29 Zoe Christenson-Wick

Michelle Corkrum
Apr. 5 Zach Zeidler
"Cognitive outcomes of optogenetic seizure intervention in epileptic mice"

Katherine Tonn
Apr. 12 Anna Ingebretson

Jen Cook
Apr. 19 Vadim Petruk

Liz Moore
Apr. 26 Melissa Asher

Justin Lines
May 3 Adele DeNicola

Bal Singh
May 10 No Colloquium - Final Exams
May 17 Brian Sweis

Morgan Newhoff
May 24 Min-Yoon Park

Elias Boroda
May 31 Kelsey Moore

Ian Cheong
June 7 Nathalia Torres-Jimenez

Jennifer Zick
June 14 Amanda Barks

Rebecca Speltz-Paiz
June 21 Julia Gamache
"Uncovering the role of genetic variation in the pathogenesis of tauopathies: An early molecular phenotype"

Derek Dziobek

Fall Semester 2016


Speaker and Topic

Sept. 14 George Wilcox
"Synergistic analgesic interactions in the central and peripheral terminals of nociceptive afferent C-fibers"
Sept. 21 Mustafa al'Absi
"Stress response dysregulation and tobacco addiction"
Sept. 28 Colum MacKinnon
"Parkinson's disease, sleep and motor impairment progression"
Oct. 5 Hossein Fatemi
"FMRP and GABA receptor abnormalities in Schizophrenia and Autism"
Oct. 12 Raghavendra Rao
"Altered Glucose Metabolism and Developing Brain"
Oct. 19 Morris Smithberg Award Ceremony

Cheryl Olman
"Using meaningful computational models to add value to fMRI"
Oct. 20
Scott Warren - Thesis Defense
"Selective Attentional Modulation of Task-Appropriate Neural Populations in Primary Visual Cortex"
PWB 2-470
Oct. 26 Nicola M. Grissom
"Goal-directed behavior and corticostriatal molecular abnormalities in mouse models of autism"
Oct. 31
Judit Perez Ortiz - Thesis Defense
"PKA phosphorylation of ATAXIN1 in Purkinje cells modulates early onset of ataxia"
Mayo 3-100
Nov. 2 Yasushi Nakagawa
"Retinoic acid signaling during postnatal development of the mouse prefrontal cortex"
Nov. 9 Alice Larson
"Cold-induced Characteristics of Fibromyalgia Syndrome"
Nov. 16 No Colloquium - SFN
Nov. 23 No Colloquium - Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 30 Jürgen Konczak
"Somatosensory Plasticity in Human Motor Learning"
Dec. 7 Emilyn Alejandro
"Developmental origins of pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction; the roles of nutrient sensor proteins and serine racemase in beta-cell development and function"
Dec. 14 Wensheng Lin - Department of Neuroscience
"ER stress in animal models of multiple sclerosis"
Dec. 15
Kyle Biesecker - Thesis Defense
"Glial Cell Calcium Signaling Regulates Capillary Blood Flow"
2-137 Jackson Hall
Dec. 21 No Colloquium - Final Exams